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Machinery manufacturing: machinery industry added value in the first half of the year increased by 9.2%

2018-07-06 Hits:1883
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An increase of 9.2% in the mechanical and mechanical industry in the first half of the year, the increase of the value of the higher momentum for the good momentum of the railway company, the number of hundreds of billions of cakes, the first national level Beidou satellite navigation product detection agency, the Japanese quasi aircraft carrier, the fixed wing aircraft, the submarines in China, the environmental protection of the submarines, and the construction of the underground water supervision in China. Survey project key company announcements:
Machinery: Tianxing instrument: 2013 semi annual report military workers: China Aviation Electronics: China Aviation Electronics: distribution and transfer of capital equity implementation announcement environmental protection: 1) ddun security environment: bulletin on new daily related transactions; 2) Wan Bangda: bulletin on the signing of major contracts by the company; 3) Chongqing water Affairs: 2013 half year Bulletin; 4) Chongqing water affairs: raise funds to deposit Special report on actual use and release (half year 2013)

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