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Construction machinery "one-stop" value-added technical services have been recognized.

2018-07-06 Hits:1684
Recently, the Fujian provincial special inspection institute and the French international inspection group jointly sponsored by the Fujian provincial machinery equipment export base chamber of Commerce, "engineering machinery, working vehicle CE Certification Seminar" held in Xiamen, from Fujian provincial construction machinery, industrial vehicles and other more than 20 enterprises of more than 50 guests participated in the Research Please. It is understood that in order to integrate the professional technical service resources and provide customers with high quality and competitive advantage "one-stop" value-added technology service, Fujian special inspection institute has signed a cooperative framework agreement with BVT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and the two sides will jointly open the CE certification.
The CE logo is a kind of safety certification mark. It is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the EU market. Nowadays, CE has been recognized and accepted by more and more countries all over the world. Obtaining CE certification has become a basic condition for enterprises to win customers and consumers' trust.
According to the agreement, the manufacturers of engineering machinery and industrial vehicles will be able to enjoy the type test and CE authentication one-stop service at the same time, greatly saving the time and economic cost of the application of two services, bringing convenience to the enterprise and maximizing the benefit. As a result, Fujian special inspection institute has become the first special inspection institution in China to provide construction machinery, industrial vehicle type test and CE certification.

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