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In 2013, the top 500 Chinese machinery companies and the world's top 500 machinery were unveiled in Beijing.

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Xinhua net Beijing on August 8 (Ke Ke) 2013 "Chinese machine 500 strong research report" and "world machinery 500 strong" was released in Beijing recently. SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng Automobile, respectively, ranked the top three of the top 500 machinery in China, and the most selected industry was the transportation equipment manufacturing industry, with a total of 139, accounting for 27.80%, and 126 enterprises in the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and the general equipment manufacturing industry were selected, and each accounted for 25.20%. There are 60 Chinese machinery enterprises entering the world's top 500 machinery companies.
The report shows that in 2012, the sales revenue of the top 500 machinery enterprises in China totaled 6 trillion and 827 billion 119 million yuan, up 8.52% over the previous year, and the total profit was 564 billion 422 million yuan, up 13.96% over the previous year. In the complex domestic and foreign economic environment, China's mechanical industry has consolidated and expanded the results of the impact of the international financial crisis, and the production and marketing achieved a smooth growth, but compared to the previous years, the profit growth rate has fallen. Among the top 20 sales enterprises, 10 belong to the automobile manufacturing industry; among the top 50, 24 are automobile manufacturers. China's automobile market not only develops fast, but also changes in automobile consumption demand. The regional distribution of the top 500 Chinese mechanical enterprises is not balanced. Apart from Tibet, the machinery enterprises of 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government are among the top 500. The 4 provinces and cities with the largest number of enterprises are in turn Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong, which belong to 248 enterprises in East China, accounting for 49.60% of the 500, of which there are 83 enterprises in Zhejiang, 57 in Jiangsu, 40 in Shandong and 37 in Shanghai, respectively.
This year, our country has 60 enterprises to be selected to be the top 500 machinery of the world, of which the top three of the mainland enterprises are SAIC, FAW and China weaponry industry group, which are ranked in twentieth, 28 and 30, respectively. Most of the selected companies are in the 200 place. From the total number of selected enterprises, the United States still topped the list of 152 enterprises. Japan ranked 96 in second and China ranked third. Germany, France and South Korea are in the fourth to sixth place respectively.
The enterprise competitiveness evaluation model (CVA), which is designed according to international practice, is a comprehensive analysis and Research on the sales income, total profit, profit rate and growth rate of the enterprise, such as the industry difference and the prestige index, etc., according to the international practice design (CVA). The event is sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, and is jointly undertaken by the machinery industry economic management institute and the world manager group.

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